Overflight Chiribiquete

Overflight Chiribiquete , Pristine Colombia

The biggest Natural Park in Colombia, Chiribiquete, is located in the Amazonian Jungle and it is considered the most unexplored place in the planet, since it is located in one of the most inaccessible areas in Colombia.

There are indigenous tribes that have never contacted the western civilization.

Chiribiquete is one to he most appreciated natural jewels in Planet Earth.

Right now, access is restricted to the Natural Park, since there is not a management plan to control arrival of tourism in the area and the impact it can produce.

This hard task is performed by the Natural Parks Agency with a big effort and low resources, but taking care of a territory which size is similar than the Netherlands is not an easy job.

However, they try to give their best to take care of this planetary treasure.

The tepuis found there are special geological formations that are part of the Guyanese Shield, some of the oldest rocks in the planet. They outcrop in the Colombian Amazonian Region, making this landscaping unique, surrounded with jungle, rivers, macaws, and jaguars. That is the way life passes at this peaceful place.

There is a huge variety of wildlife at this magical place. A lot of this species are still unknown.

Every time a scientific expedition visit the Chiribiquete, several species of animals and plants are discovered.

Since the Chiribiquete has been so well preserved, given its difficult accessibility, and also the landscape varies from the jungle to the top of the tepuis, there is a vast biodiversity in the area.

Chiribiquete means, in the Carijona Language: "Hill that draws paintings"

Chir: Hill

ir: That draws

eqte: Painting

The indigenous who live in the surroundings tell in their myths the origins of the deep meanings of the sacred zones, which are temples where the jungle spirits live, taking care and protecting Earth.

The ancient indigenous tell that there is high spiritual technology communication with the spirits who live in the Serrania, through sacred millenary plants.

Colombia Oculta did some overflights some years ago, but then they were restricted for some time.

Chiribiquete was declared Unesco World Heritage Place in 2018.

From that declaration, the Natural Parks Agency decided to regulate and control the overflights in Chiribiquete.

Now, in 2019, after a lot of work, the overflights in Chiribiquete are once again permitted, with more regulations and laws, to allow the conservancy of this magic spot in the world, but also the contemplation of one of the most mind- blowing scenarios in Earth.

A great place, a huge mystery at this territory. A unique and invaluable jewel. The Chiribiquete.


Overflight Serranía del Chiribiquete from Bogota

1 day

Travel with Colombia Oculta to watch the Chiribiquete from the sky. We organized 11 overflights in previous years. In 2019 we were selected as authorized operators, with the Natural Prks agency, to return to what Richard Evans designated as the "Seventh Heaven"

Next overflights

Duration 1 day

November 9th (6 spots left)

November 10th

November 17th

November 24th

December 7th

December 10th

December 29th (0 spots left)

January 18th

January 19th

January 27th

January 31st

$3,700,000 COP per person

Cost for an 8 persons group, to keep the cost. If the group is smaller, the cost varies.


5:00 am. Bogotá: Meeting at Heroes Mall.

Transportation to Guaymaral Airport

Flight to San Jose del Guaviare

Gas filling in San Jose


Transportation to Natural Parks Agency for welcoming and induction speech

Flight to Chiribiquete. 2 hours of total flight, with overflight for 1 hour

Return to San Jose (There is an option to stay in San José to enjoy the amazing destination)

Return to Bogota

(Note: Itinerary can change without notice, due to weather conditions, or other reasons that risk security)

Costs for private flights:

6 travelers: $4,600,000 per person

7 travelers: $4,000,000 per person

8 travelers: $3,700,000 per person

It includes:

Private flight in aircraft with high wings- Bogota- San Jose- Chiribiquete- San Jose- Bogota

Overflight 1 hour on Chiribiquete- 5 hours total flight from Bogota

REPSE professional guide authorized by parks

Medical assist card

Entrance fee to Natural Park Chiribiquete

Fee for plane to enter in Chiribiquete

Aerocivil permission fee

Private transportation Los Heroes- Guaymaral- Los Heroes





It does not include

Not specified expenses

Overflight Serranía del Chiribiquete and visit San José del Guaviare

Plan 4 days 3 nights

This plan includes overflight on Serrania del Chiribiquete and a plan at the surroundings of San Jose del Guaviare, where the Cerro Azul rock paintings will be visited, pictograms made by the same communities that painted Chiribiquete several thousands of years ago

Next dates for 4 days 3 nights plans:

October 2nd to 5th

October 28th to 31st

November 27th to 30th

November 29th to December 2nd

December 18th to 21st

December 20th to 23st

February 23th to 26rd

Cost of the experience

$4,500,000 per person

8 persons to complete the group. Otherwise the cost must be distributed according to the amount of passengers

$4,800,000 per person in a group of 7 passengers

$5,250,000 per person in a group of 6 passengers

$5,800,000 per person in a group of 5 passengers

Overflight Serranía del Chiribiquete and visit to Araracuara

Plan 6 days 5 nights

February 19 to 24th


Read the Natural Parks resolution: Overflights to enjoy landscaping

Bring comfortable clothes

Bring photographic camera

Extra batteries

Personal documents


JUST 15 kg per person is allowed at the plane

Our travelers in the overflight on October 4th as a Fam Trip with ProColombia

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In case of fortuitous events (extreme weather, natural disasters, landslides, transportation problems) that makes to cancel a trip, Colombia Oculta will return 90% of the deposited money.

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