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Tours to Caño Cristales "The Rainbow River"

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Caño Cristales is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. It was selected as the First Natural Wonder in Colombia. It is really a place where magic realism lives.

The Caño is located in the Serrania de la Macarena, one of the most biodiverse places in Colombia, at the Guyanese Shield, formed around 1200 million years. The Serrania has more than 1592 plan species, 772 wilderness species, and approximately 17 of the 62 ecosystems that you can find in Colombia.  The colors in the river are given by an aquatic plant called “Macarena Clavigera”, that gets its colors during the rainy season and due to light exposition.  

Colombia Oculta has been visiting Caño Cristales for more than 10 years. The river, with its crystalline water, invites to live in peace and harmony with the cosmos. The  5 colors at the river are stunning, as well as its wilderness, it contrasts between jungle, mountain and savanna, its people and its landscaping, allowing a perfect balance with your spirit.

Due to all the biodiversity in la Serrania and the love we have for our territory, Colombia Oculta is responsible for taking care of the Madre Selva Forest Reservation at Caño Cristales, where environmental conservation and research is the main goal.

Colombia Oculta Tour Operator organizes daily tours to Caño Cristales during the season when the River shows its colors to the world. This season usually starts in June and Ends and the end of November, depending on the weather.

. The tours are always with Spanish speaking guides, some of them have very basic English, from 1 to 10: Level 2. However, there are also bilingual guides and translators, which will be glad to be part of your tour. However, we need to book them in advance, since they are very busy during the season. If they are not available, we can send a translator from Bogota, with the additional costs that this represents

How to arrive at La Macarena

The best way to arrive to La Macarena is by plane.  There are options with commercial companies and with charter flights. You can take the flight from Bogota, Villavicencio, Medellin, and Cali, on specific days. You can book your own tickets or we can do it for you.

About the tour sectors and trails

The tourism around Caño Cristales has been regulated to preserve this amazing and unique place. That is why there are 3 main sectors where the visits are allowed, according to the National Parks Agency. Those sectors are the ones you can visit on your full days (1 sector per day).  On your day 1 and the final day, you will visit other smaller, but also impressive sectors called Caño Cristalitos and Caño Piedra. Consider please that the tours on the first day and the final day will depend highly on the time you arrive and leave La Macarena. Also, for the first day, the National Parks agency does not allow you to visit the main trail in the Caño, it will send you to Caño Cristalitos or Caño Piedra, where you can also see the colors of the river. This is made mostly because these 2 places are closer to the town, for those "short" days. We always try to make our best so you can enjoy Caño Cristales all the time you are there, but of course those days the tours would be shorter.

Caño Cristalitos

Caño Piedra

Full day sectors

Trail 1. High difficulty. Pianos Trail at Caño Cristales

Caño Escondido

Cascada de la Virgen

Cascada de los Pianos

Piedra diosa de la Macarena

Paso Mojado

Trail 2. High difficulty. Eagle´s fall  Trail at Caño Cristales


Pozo cuadrado

Piedra negra o cascada Negra

Cascada Salto del Aguila

Tablas de la Ley

Trail 3. Medium difficulty. Pilones Trail at Caño Cristales

Monte de las Marimbas

Los Estrechos

Piscina del Pailón

About accommodation and the tours

We have 2 main options to offer you for accommodation and tours in Caño Cristales: the Posada Rural Don David and hotels in La Macarena town. 

The tours will take you to the same sectors and trails for any option you choose for accommodation.

Posada Don David


If you need your interaction or information in English, please contact us at: reservas@colombiaoculta.org

Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend you take a set of clothes just for traveling (from your place to La Macarena and the way back)

One set of clothes for hiking (long sleeve shirt, quick dry materials)


Fresh sleeping clothes (long sleeves for mosquito protection)

Comfortable shoes for hiking and sandals for swimming in the river


Identity document

Camera and batteries in a waterproof case

Small towel


Toiletries, Toilet paper, and any personal medicines

Small backpack (15 lt max)

Insect repellent (non polluting) preferably made of natural ingredients to avoid impact in the water when you swim

Sunscreen (you can not use it for swimming in the river), preferably made of natural ingredients to avoid impact in the water when you swim

Rechargeable Water bottle

Sun protection (hat and sunglasses)

Swimming goggles


Mostly "Claro" works all the time and it fails sometimes. You can find internet service in the town.


Yes, but it is not always reliable.


No, there are not any ATMs, so please take enough cash.


A long time ago La Macarena used to be a very dangerous place, but things have changed. The social difficulties and violence are now part of the past. The community is now working together to improve tourism in the area, some locals are studying tourism related careers, because tourism now presents a great opportunity for the community. Today, foreign visitors are part of the everyday life. Entrance to the park and its security is well organized by the municipality, the National Parks Agency, the national army and Cormacarena, they always know who arrives and who leaves La Macarena. Also, there are several security checkpoints around the town and the trails at Caño Cristales.


A magical natural cycle is what makes Caño Cristales the “rainbow river”. Caño Cristales is a magical place, unique in the world. This phenomenon is possible because of some particular 

, of the family of the “podostemonaceas”. It is these plants, not algae, that have an amazing natural cycle. If you want to watch this amazingly colorful spectacle, the best time to visit Caño Cristales stars from the first days of June until mid December. The rest of the year these plants lose their colors because of the dry weather.  However, even during this period, La Macarena is an unforgettable place.

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