Chiribiquete English

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"Last spot to be discovered on the planet"

Over flight through the Serranía del Chiribiquete and expedition in Araracuara

In "Carijona" language Chiribiquete means Hill where to draw in paint

Chir: Hill

Ir: Where

Eque: Draw in paint

"Last area for discovering in the world"

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Comments from a traveler who had her birthday in the Mesay river:

"I want to thank you for the journey, it was full of wisdom and charms from the jungle. Jerbacio and Giovanni are such a knigtly persons, without them the journey would not be the same for they worked as a team. I have any complaints about them. To listen Jerbacio is such a wonderful pleasure,, until now I realize about the meaning of the stories." Yolanda Fuentes, trip: March 1 - 9 2014

Day 0

Meeting at the Bogotá bus terminal 7:30 pm

All night bus shifting Bogotá - San José del Guaviare

Day 1


One hour over flight through the Serranía del Chiribiquete.

Arriving to Araracuara.

Visit to the Salto del Diablo.

Visit to the "grandpa" Marceliano

Traditional "Mambeo": "coca" and "ambil".

"Araracuara is a Sun and Moon. The Sun clan and Moon clan, Andoque´s territory, sacred place.

The power is in that haven... That hill is the Maloka. The Andoque knows the origin of all of this place..."

Salvador Andoque

Day 2

Navigation through the rivers Caquetá, Yarí and Mesay.

Tour In Mesay and pink dolphine sighting in "Cueva del Bufeo"

Arriving to the Lagamitana torrent.

Camp lodgind over stone slab at the La Gamitana torrent.

Fishing dinner .

"The Gamitana: Toad woman", Anaconda´s bed

Abuelo Marceliano

Día 3

Walking tour through the jungle in the Yarí streambed towards the torrents.

Return to Araracuara.

Overnight stay at "grandpa" Marceliano Guerrero´s place.

Traditional "Mambeo": coca and ambil.

"The Mambe is El Mambe is toasted Coca and crushed with Yarumo.It´s representation the wind.... the word.

The Ambil is a Tobacco paste with natural salts ... to taste it is being fill with wisdom.

To "mambear" coca and ambil the thinking speaks"

Sabedor Abuelo Marceliano Guerrero Huitoto

Day 4

Visit to the "Lost City" (Half day tour).

In the afternoon deliver gifts for the indigenous children.

Overnight stay at "granspa" Marceliano Guerrero's place.

Traditional "Mambeo" : coca and ambil.

Day 5

In the morning tour to the Salto del Diablo (Known as well as Araracuara Canyon or Caquetá Canyon) for "Guacamayas" birdwatching.

Departure flight to San José del Guaviare.

Bus shifting to Bogotá.

Return to Bogotá. (10:00 pm)

In the antiqued the indigenous fought against them. The Andoques fought against the Huitotos, the strongest "chamanes" jumped in the Araracuara Canyon, as if they fly.


One hour overflight through the Serranía de Chiribiquete.

Professional Colombia Oculta´s guide

Native guides, fisherman and cooks.

Filghts San José del Guaviare - Araracuara - San José del Guaviare

Lodging at the "Grandpa" Marceliano´s place. (hammock, camping mats or tent) Araracuara (not a Hotel)

2 days navigation through the Yarí river.


Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner, from lunch day 1 to lunch day 5)


Rate airport

Not includes:

Expenses not specified.

Tents, hammocks, mosquito net, camping mats, sheets.

Extra charge for aditional luggage kgs luggage or presents for children. ($10.000 cop per kg)

Extra charges for flight delays or itinerary that do not depend on the logistic of Colombia Oculta.

When spaniards arrived, they did not like it and said it was like a work by the devil, they called it the "Salto del Diablo" "Hopping Devil".

Adventure expedition and exploration for nature travellers .

Keep in mind that there may be drastic changes in the itinerary. Even being one or more days.

Is one of the remotest areas around the world and logistic may have issues. (It is not the same to operate a tour in Cartagena than the operation in the Serranía del Chiribiquete and Araracuara)

Price per person:

Option 1

$3,200,000 cop 5 days 4 nights

(Expedition available minimum for 6 persons)

Option 2

$1,900,000 cop one day.

(The overflight begins in San Jose del Guaviare, returning to San Jose del Guiaviare, option available minimum for 4 persons)

Pre booking of $500.000 cop. Available until December 8 for the trip from January 8 to 12. Available until January 2 for the trip from February 2 to 6.

If there is not quorum we give back your money or expenses will increase.

(Rates are subject to changes if Satena change the air tickets prices or if unforseen situations change the rates of the trip. Returning tickets to Bogotá for day 5, will be buy as soon as the 6 persons quorum is completed )


*Contact us for initiate the pre booking procedure.

*Please choose the way for payment:

1. Deposit at the Banco de Bogotá. Bank Account number # 08328202-0 addressed to Colombia Oculta SAS.

Send via email ( the depisot slip.

2. Payment by credit card. We will create a payment link that will be send to your email. This option charge the 8%

Recommendations for your trip:

Follow the reccommendations of the guide, be on time with the itinerary, forget about the routine and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape and take:

-Clothes for the flights and land shiftings.

-Clothes for walking ( pants, bermuda shorts, long sleeve shirts, tennis or boots for walking or sandals)

-Clothes for sleeping.

-Personal hygiene stuffs

-Rubber boots or tennis.

-ID Documents

-Personal medications.



-Water bootle

-Sun cap

-Natural sunscreen without chemicals

-Insect repellent. (We suggest drink teamina one week before the journey)

-Flashlight and batteries


-Tableware: Plate and plastic cup. Spoon, fork and knife.

-Everything kept in plastic bags


-No camouflaged clothes

-Personal Igloo tent no need to be pinned. (We stay one night over stone slab)

-Camping mat.


-Be vaccinated (Yellow fever and tétano, NOT MANDATORY, JUST A RECCOMMENDATION)

-35 Lt Backpack for the walking tours, everything kept in this backpack.

-Do not be worry about the security, we coordinated with the local authority all the permissions with the National Army the places that visitors can actually visit.

-Temperature from 30° - 35° (please keep in mind this is jungle)

-Lodging is in the local community in camping mats, tents or hammocks.

-Some of the tours are through demarcated roads. It is important to have good grippy boots, if possible a walking stick as well.

-Bathrooms are chambers in wood with dry latrines in the rural areas.

NO SHOW - Cancellation policies

1. To cancelled the trip, it has to be with minimun 5 days before the travel date and will be refund the 90% of the deposit, besides the penalty clauses previously stablished by the suppliers when services are not used. This refund will be make in the next 30 days from the request. If the trip is not cancelled before 5 days, the will not be refund.

2. In case of no show, there will not be any refund.

3. In case the client does not use the tourist services previously stablished, wheter the causes could be, the Agencie can freely choose the 20% totally payment of the service or rates previously stablished or keep the deposit the client could have done.

4. In fortuitous facts (weather changes, natural disasters, landfalls, landslides, issues with the air. land or fluvial transport) when is necessary cancelling the trip, Colombia Oculta will refund the 90% of the booking deposit.