We offer infinity of possibilities to your natural tours in Bogotá, around Bogotá and all Colombia. Our speciality are the private and confortable tours... Welcome to Colombia Oculta!

Nature Tours in Bogota...
We offer the best things nature in Bogota for hiking, trekking, biking and birding

Humedales de Bogotá

Bosques de Niebla de Bogotá

Nature Tours around Bogota...
The most beautiful places around Bogotá, mountains, waterfalls, moors, trails, highways, cliffs, valleys ... quiet places for walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, bird watching, ethnic tourism and ecotourism. 
Here you can find the locations you are looking to visit around Bogotá by way of private tours.
Please select your destinations and book through info@colombiaoculta.org

Moors near Bogotá 

El páramo más grande del mundo

Parque Nacional Natural Iguaque
Iguaque moor is 4 hours from Bogota. Located in the municipality of Villa de Leiva, one of the tourist villages of Colombia. 
1, 2, 3 or 4 days.

Rocky mountains near Bogotá
Caminatas, escalada en roca, ciclomontañismo, kayak, espeleología.
Camping y Refugio de Montaña en Refugio Arco Iris, la sede principal de Colombia Oculta

Beautiful waterfalls near Bogotá

The highest waterfall in Colombia. Only an hour from Bogotá.

Other nature destinations near Bogota Bogotá

Zipacón el Ocaso - former colonial and indigenous ways

Ethno tourism and indigenous communities around Bogota
It is important to tell us about these visits with time for permits with the governors of the indigenous councils.

Cabildo indígena  Muisca de Sesquilé

Bohíos de Ráquira

Kids Camp

This is the 4x4 truck and Colombia Oculta operations center in the beautiful and quiet Suesca mountains, an hour from Bogotá. 
In the operations center "Rainbow Shelter" We receive visitors. Your welcome! 
Centro de Operaciones Suesca

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