CAÑO CRISTALES English Version

Caño Cristales

“The river of dreams”


In the "Serrania de la Macarena", one of the most biodiverse zones of Colombia, is the world's most beautiful river, which with its five colors hypnotizes and seduces its visitors: Caño Cristales. We will visit this beautiful spot located in the Colombian jungle that with its crystal clear waters invites you to live in peace and harmony with cosmos. This river was declared the first natural wonder of Colombia. Biodiversity studies in accordance with the National University of Colombia, the Sierra de la Macarena has over 1.592 plant species, 772 recorded species of fauna and is believed to have more than 17 of the 62 types of ecosystems in the country for the 27.4% in only a 3.14% of its total area.

Tour duration: 4 days, 3 nights


Day 1

* 5: 00 a.m. Bogota-Villavicencio (private transport cars)

* Breakfast in a typical restaurant.

* Villavicencio - Macarena (Air Transport)

* Lunch in the Macarena.

* Half hour navigation by the Guayabero river.

* Private 4x4 to Caño Cristales.

* Tour by the Caño Cristales River.

* Back to the Macarena.

* Dinner

* Overnight at hotel.

Day 2

* 7:00 am. Breakfast

* Boat Travel by the Guayabero river. Bird watching and wildlife of the Serrania de la Macarena.

* 8 mile hike through the savannah Guyanese of the Serrania de la Macarena. Bird watching and wildlife.

* Travel throughout the day by Caño Cristales Colombia.

* Picnic lunch

* Back to the Macarena.

* Dinner and Joropo (typical dance) show.

* Overnight at hotel.

Day 3

* 7:00 am. Breakfast

* Boat Travel by Guayabero river. Bird watching and wildlife of the Serrania de la Macarena.

* Private 4x4 to Caño Cristales.

* Travel throughout the day by Caño Cristales.

* Picnic lunch.

* Back to the Macarena.

* Dinner

* Overnight at hotel.

Day 4

* 8:00 am. Breakfast

* 10:00 am. Macarena - Villavicencio (Air Transport)

* Villavicencio - Bogotá (private passenger transport)


-Air transportation Villavicencio - Villavicencio Macarena

-Ground transportation Bogotá - Villavicencio - Bogotá

River-sea voyage

-Hotel Accommodations

-Professional Guidance Colombia Oculta

-Sustainable Tourism Working with guides from local communities.

-Permits and income

-Travel Insurance


Price per person:

$ 1´200.000 cop

U$ 650 (at current rate)

* Prices include VAT

* Reserve at least 1 month prior

* Transferring the money to the Banco de Bogota. Cuenta de ahorros # 08328202-0 on behalf of Colombia oculta. Send via mail ( 2405079 or fax proof of entry with name, identification number or passport of the passenger and age.



Follow the guide recommendations, be attentive with schedules for each journey , don’t leave anything, and get impregnated with the natural beauty of the place: walk quietly and carry:

-One change of clothes for travel

-Change of clothes for walking (long pants, long sleeve shirt, tenni shoes or hiking boots)


-Personal hygiene items

-Identity documents

-Personal medications

-Swimming suit


-Mask or goggles for swimming. (There’s an amazing view of the algae at the places where we bathe)



-Sun screen

-Insect repellent (Be aware of using insect repellents that don’t damage the environment)

-Flashlight with spare batteries


-Small towel

-No disguised element

-Hands-free backpack for hiking 35 Lt


-Everything must be kept in plastic bags

-Being vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus. Submit beef.

- The average temperature is 30 Celcius degrees and can reach 35 degrees with humidity.

Some tours take place in no marked trails so it is important to wear shoes with good grip and if necessary, carry a stick or cane.

- Bathrooms are rooms with wooden septic tanks in rural areas.

Pictures Caño Cristales


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Teléfonos 6303172 Ext. 112 – 3112397809

No al turismo sexual infantil. Artículo 16, Ley 679/2001. Tarifas y programas sujetos a cambio sin previo aviso