Cocuy: Western trekking: 8 días 7 noches

Tour disabled for National Natural Parks an the Indigenous Communities. The authorized tour are:

Valle Lagunillas and Púlpito del Diablo Trekk - Day tour

Laguna Grande de la Sierra Trekk - Day Tour

Ritacuba Blanco Trekk

Lagunillas, Laguna Grande, and Ritacuba. 4 days.

Western trekking to the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy or Güicán. Beginnig at the south at the Valle Lagunillas sector ending at the north sector at the Ritacuba Blanco Peak.

Day 1.

Meeting whit the guide and the driver at the hotel in Bogotá, transfer Bogotá - Cocuy 11 hours approximately. On the route stop at the historical Boyacá Bridge. Continue forward to the Chicamocha Canyon which leads to La Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. Lunch on the road. Arriving at the Cocuy town. Check in at the hotel. Dinner and rest.

Day 2.

Breakfast. Meeting with the porters and the cooks. Register at the National Parks office, orientation to visitors. transfer to the NNP Cocuy entrance (1 hour). Arriving at the Alto de la Cueva. From here initiate the trekking 3800 msnm. Walking tour in the Lagunillas Valley forward to Refugio Sisuma (2 hours). Resting. Optional: Tour to the Alto del Cusirí (4350 msnm), through the Lagunillas Valley, tour to the Lagoons: La Cuadrada, La Pintada and La Parada. Lunch and dinner in Refugio Sisuma. Check in and overnight stay (3900 msnm), located in a wonderful place with eyesight to the Pan de Azúcar Peak.

Day 3.

Breakfast in Refugio Sisuma, Hiking towards Pan de Azúcar Peak and Púlpito del Diablo. Arrive until the edge of the glacier. Lunch on the road. (Meanwhile the Porters take the equipment to the camp in La Laja, located in the Peak Pan de Azúcar sector). Then shifting to the camp (4500 msnm) Paso del Conejo. Arrive to the camp, the tent at this time now is ready, reception at the camp by the porters and cooks. Dinner and rest.

Day 4.

Breakfast, Shifting to the wonderful Laguna Grande de La Sierra, surrounded by glacier bows, which unfortunately has no more snow. Lunch at the camp in the Laguna Grande de La Sierra, and free afternoon at the mountain. Dinner and rest.

Day 5.

Breakfast. Ascension to the Paso de Bella Vista. located at 4900 msnm. Eyesight to the eastern of La Sierra, Laguna de la Plaza and Llanos Orientales de Colombia (this is the hardest trekking of the journey). Lunch, Descent to Hacienda La Esperanza (3900 msn) .The camp is already prepared. Dinner and rest.

Day 6.

Breakfast. Shifting by road (18 km) to the Ritacuba Blanco sector. At this point we are on the south part of La Sierra and we are going ahead north. This shifting can be make walking or by horse. It is a journey with a nice scenary (the equipment is take by a 4X4 to the Posada de La Sierra) Lunch. Accommodation in La Posada de La Sierra. Dinner and rest.

Day 7.

Breakfast. Ascension to the glaciar of the Ritacuba Blanco Peak 5000 msnm. Lunch, descent to La Posada de La Sierra. End of the journey.

Day 8.

Breakfast. Shifting to Bogotá (11 hours). Lunch on the road. Farewell at the hotel.

End of services.


Trekking dificulty level: Strong

Hiking daily estimed time: 6 - 7 hours.

Is an expedition in the high mountain 3900 msnm - 5000 msnm

Has to be employ one porter for each hiker

For each person we can provide a tent with sleeping bag

Each person has to bring his own clothes for this expedition.

Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Colombia.


Private transfer Bogotá - Cocuy

Breakfast: From day 2 until day 8.

Lunch: From day 1 until day 8.

Dinner: From day 1 until day 7.

Night 1 Lodging at Posada del Molino.

Permissions and access to Natural National Parks

Transfer Cocuy - Alto de la Cueva

Night 2 Lodging at Refugio Sisuma

La Laja Camping 4500 msnm

Camp at the Laguna Grande de la Sierra

Camp at the la Hacienda La Esperanza at day 5

Night 6 Lodging at Posada del Molino.

Transfer to Güicán

Lodging in Güicán

Thermal springs at day 8 (One hour)

Tents for nights 3, 4 and 5

Sleeping bags for nights 3, 4 and 5

Camping mat for nights 3, 4 and 5

Petrol stove at disposal for all camps.

English speaking guide for 8 days.

Guide/ prep cook

Cook at disposal during the expedition

Tableware (bowls, clutery, silverware...)

One porter for each person

Optional: Bags in carload for day 6.

Transfer Güicán - Bogotá

Turist rates.

Natural National Parks Risk insurance.

Health insurance.

Recommendations for your trip

Walking tours through high mountain, travelers must have a good physical condition. This is a strong trekking and tours have from 5 - 8 hours daily depending on the itinerary of each day. Travelers must take properly clothes for high mountain (jackets and trousers, preferably in waterproof material, cap , hiking boots, UV glasses), Frontal flashlightl, sunscreen for skin and lips, water bootle,camera, ID documents. Enough clothes for traveling and sleeping. Backpack to keep the luggage distribuited in plastic bags.

Price per person:

1.......$5,730,000 COP

2 to 3.....$4,655,000 COP

4 to 7.....$4,510,000 COP

8 to 16.....$4,160,000 COP

17.....$3,830,000 COP


*Book minimum 5 days before the travel date.

*Contact us for initiate pre - booking procedure.

*Once the pre booking is asigned choose the WAY OF PAYMENT:

1. Deposit to the Bank account number # 08328202-0 addressed to Colombia Oculta SAS. Send via email ( the deposit slip.

2. Pay by credit card. We will creat a payment link that will be send to your email. This option charges the 8%.


3010213 or 311-2397809 -


NO SHOW - Cancellation policies

1. To cancelled the trip, it has to be minimun 5 days before the travel date and 90% of the deposit will be refund, besides the penalty clauses stablished by the suppliers when services are not used. This refund will be completed in the next 30 days from the date of refund request. If the trip is not cancelled before 5 days, there wont be refund.

2. In case of no show, there will not be any refund.

3. In case the client does not use the tourist services previously stablished, wheter the causes could be, the Agencie can freely choose the 20% totally payment of the services or rates or keep the deposit the client could have done.

4. In fortuitous facts (weather changes, natural disasters, landfalls, landslides, issues with the air. land or fluvial transport) when is necessary cancel the trip, Colombia Oculta will refund the 90% of the booking deposit.

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