Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta


Ecoturistic Huts

Magic, tradition, culture and unforgettable scenario marked by the color scheme that give life to a wonderful region: The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Washed bya variety of rivers, waterfalls, beaches, beautiful landscapes, floral, faunal and archaeological diversity, it evokes tranquility, relaxation and adventure. With an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, it poses a variety of species and cultures that frame each tour by the 18 nature lodges.

How to get there?

The huts are located in six villages of the Sierra Nevada: Las Tinajas, South Calabazo, New Mexico, San Rafael and Los Naranjos. The entrance to each inn is made by the Caribbean Highway (Troncal del Caribe), on the road between Santa Marta and Rioacha.

Interesting Facts

All huts offer night accommodation, food, transportation, recreational activities and leisure, according to each's necessity.


Ecological hiking trails, horseback riding routes used by indigenous people, bird watching, sports such as mountain biking, rappelling, kayaking for beginners and experts, snorkeling, coral observation, sun activities at Playa Cristal, Neguanje, Cañaveral, Castilletes, Arrecifes, Cape San Juan; bath in waterfalls, streams and pools of cold water. Tours around the Tayrona National Park.


Accommodation in either native inns: The Tinajas, Calabazo south, New Mexico, San Rafael and Orange), breakfast and guidance.

Not included:

Lunch or dinner

National Park's admissions:

$ 14,000 to $ 34,000 for Colombians and foreigners


DAY 1: Natural hiking trails wildlife.

Day 2: Visit to Tayrona National Park (includes transportation and travel by bike or car).

Day 3: Excursion in the surrounding areas: viewpoints, natural forest, fruit and flowers. Souvenir.


Accommodation in either native inns: The Tinajas, Calabazo

Not included:

Lunch or dinner.

National Parks admissions:

$ 14,000 to $ 34,000 for Colombians and foreigners

DAY 1: Accommodation and tour around the huts.

Day 2: Visit to Tayrona National Park (includes transportation, bike ride or car).

Day 3: Hike through natural forest, wildlife trails, gazebos, swimming in rivers, streams or sea.

Day 4: Visit Santa Marta, Souvenir.

* Low Season: January 18 to June 10 (except Easter) and from October 20 to December 20th


Follow the recommendations of the guide, meet schedules itineraries, in the voyage forget everyday life and let yourself be impregnated by the natural beauty of the place, walk quietly and carry:

- Clothes for hinking (long pants, long sleeve, tennis or hiking boots)

- Personal-hygiene items

- I.Ds

- Personal medication

- Swimsuit

- Sandals

- Snorkeling gear

- Canteen

- Cap

- Sunscreen

- Repellent

- Flashlight and spare battery

- Camera

- Plastic bags for protecting items from water and humidity

- Small towel

- Light backpack for long walks

- Vaccinations : Yellow Fever and Tetanus