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      1. 7 days, 6 nights

The Macizo Colombiano, also called Nudo de Almaguer, is a mountain range that covers the departments of Cauca, Huila and Nariño, iand s located south of the Nudo de los Pastos and to the north central and eastern mountain ranges. This is where the Magdalena River is born.

Travel with us to the spectacular high Andean forest that transforms into the cool moorland at the top of the mountains that supports dozens of lagoons. We will travel through the forests, the climb up to the moors to later visit the headwaters of the rivers Magdalena, Cauca and Caquetá.

In our journey it is possible to sight animals like the tapirs or dantas of the mountains, and the jaguars of the jungle.

We will visit indigenous burial grounds characterized by its stone statues made by ancient cultures, such as the San Agustin Archaeological Center and the Indiangraveyard Quinchana.

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights


DAY 1.

5:00 am. Exit Bogotá from meeting point Colegio Champagnat: Cra 17 Number 39b - 51

5:00 pm. Quinchana arrival, accommodation in country style house.

DAY 2.

San Antonio, 5 hours hike from Quinchada. Accommodation in country style house.

DAY 3.

Páramo de las Papas National Park accommodation. 6 hours hike from San Antonio

DAY 4.

Visit to the Magdalena Lagoon and Cerro de las Tres Tulpas.

DAY 5.

Visit Cusillaco Lagoon, Birthplace of the Caquetá River.

DAY 6.

Return to San Antonio.

DAY 7.

Visit San Agustin Archaeological Park.

Return to Bogotá.


  • Professional guides.
  • Local guides. Friends of Sustainable Tourism.
  • Admissions and access in National Parks of Colombia.
  • Lodgings in country houses.
  • 6 breakfasts
  • 6 Dinners
  • A farewell lunch.
  • Park entrance Arqueológico San Agustin
  • Colasistencia travel policy to mountain sports.
  • Horse riding available for tours.
  • Mules to carry load.
  • Terrestrial transportation. Bogotá - Quinchana - Bogotá

Traveling on:

16 – 23 of June 2011

Other dates also available. Contact us at

Price per person:

$ 760,000 All Included.


These are hikes through the Andean forest therefore it is important to be in good physical condition. We start at 2100 meters and get up to 3800 meters. The difficulty level is high and the tours last between 5 and 8 hours depending on the day's itinerary. Bring appropriate clothing for the moor and jungle (preferably waterproof jacket and trousers by Gore Tex fibers, hat, hiking boots), sunscreen for skin and lips, water bottle, camera optional, personal documents. Before the trip will be a meeting with the Colombia Oculta team and the Agenda 21 Foundation.