Private tours with Colombia Oculta

Colombia Oculta has been planning tours around the most breathtaking places in Colombia for more than 10 years. You can take a shared group tour in any of our main destinations, plan your visit following the private plans we can offer you, or we can organize a private and tailor-made tour to fulfill all your expectations about this beautiful country. We work really hard, hand by hand, with the local communities to make your experience in Colombia real, unique, and authentic. We support the solidary sustainable tourism developed by the small communities living in or near the stunning destinations we visit.

Join us in the most amazing experience to nature, adventure, and cultural immersion destinations, visiting marvelous spots in the jungle, mountains, oceans, deserts, savannas and wherever else you want your spirit to be delighted. We will make the most of your trip to Colombia, the most biodiverse country in the world.

Contact us to start your adventure. Write an email to, send us a Whatsapp message or give us a call to +57 3204044407. Our team is prepared to support you in full English. We will be glad to organize the trip of your dreams.

Perceive the magic of Earth while hiking stunning trails and navigating energetic rivers during our nature trips in the jungle and paramo´s expeditions. Live the adventure of your life while wondering intense trekking circuits in high mountain expeditions. Feel the adrenaline running through your body all along with rock climbing experiences in challenging cliffs around Colombia. Connect with yourself and with ancient civilizations during cultural immersion trips. Join us to discover all the hidden treasures around Colombia. Join Colombia Oculta nature, adventure, and cultural experiences.

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