Sueva Falls

In the NorthEast of Bógota, towards the road that leads to Guasca, in the region of Guavio, this spot is located. Bathed in the waters that originate in the Páramo of Chingaza, it forges the spectacular cascades of Nemustén and Cárpatos, hidden in the andean forest and populated by many species of birds. This hiking is done in the reserve of ADEGRADOS, a community of organic farmers that have change their habits in order to conserve and preserve. We go through the andean forest in order to cross an old tunnel of 200m.

Date: August 29th

Meeting time: 6:10 am

Departure time: 6:30 am On Time.

Return time: 6:30 pm

Price: $55.000

Includes: Transportation, guide, park fares, security equipment, travel insurance, rápel.

Hiking Level: Medium-Strong

This hike presents a rising slope until the spot for the abseiling (rápel). Then we will cross the andean forest moving through obstacles using the aide of ropes, we will ascend to the top of the ericáseas and then will descend until the cascade of Cárpatos. On the way back we will cross a 200m tunnel and we'll take a path that will lead us back to the reserve. The hike is 11km long.

The time estimated for this hikes including rest and rápel is of 6 ½ hrs.


Prices include Taxes

*Reserve minimum 5 days prior.

    • Deposit to Banco de Bogotá. Cuenta de Ahorros # 08328202-0 to the name of Colombia Oculta Ltda.
    • Send via mail ( ) or fax 2405079 copy of deposit slip with name, id # or passport # and age.



Bring your medication if you are under treatment.

Bring proper cold for cold climate hiking and a change of clothes (sweatpants and tennis), energy snacks, trash bags, water and sunblock.

    • No yelling or altering the peacefulness of the place
    • Limit your talking
    • Respect for the people that live nearby
    • No alcohol drinking
    • Don't bother or capture the wildlife
    • No recollecting plants
    • No writing or carving on trees
    • Don't leave trash behind
    • During the hike no radios, cel phones, walkmans, beepers, discmans, etc.
    • Use a backpack that allow you to be hands free
    • No weapons
    • We will be traveling in group so mind those who are slow
    • Pay attention the indications of the guides and make you to inform them if you have a special condition.