Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Güicán o Chita

If you visit this beautiful place in Colombia we can help you planing your trip. 
If you like walking in the mountains and only require some kind of assistance let us know, we have over 40 years of experience walking and climbing in every corner of the Sierra. 
Organize experiences in high mountain group also scheduled dates or private tours to suit the individual needs of mountaineers, trekkers and climbers. 
If you want to sleep in shelters or caping, organize your choice on what you want to live in the mountains. 
If you want to tell us something comfortable and luxurious. 
Or if you prefer something a little warrior or medium difficulty. Do not worry, we'll help. 
If you are a big wall climber came to the site you need to get your information. Several of our friends have opened climbing most of the way from the beautiful walls Cocuy. If you like climbing topos or information we can give them to you.

What can you do in the Cocuy or Güicán?
Cruises glaciers 
Summits over 5,000 meters 
Big wall 
Rock Climbing 
 X Alpine climbing
Tell us what you want to do? how many days you have available? and in that place you want to start with our tours. From Bogota, Medellin, San Gil, the Cocuy or Güicán.

Travel Options in Cocuy or Güicán:

The following mountain experiences you can do: Hiking, glacier cruise, summits 
It is important to have good physical condition for your adventure. 
If you do not have equipment for glacier trekking and summit attempts, we can get it rented.

Pan de Azúcar Peak 5220 msnm 4 days, 3 nights (disabled by natural parks until further notice)

Pan de Azúcar Peak 5220 msnm 5 días, 4 noches (disabled by natural parks until further notice)

Ritacuba Blanco peak 5300 msnm 5 días, 4 noches  (disabled by natural parks until further notice)

Cocuy: Western trekking: 8 days 7 nights (disabled by natural parks until further notice)

Trekking: la Vuelta del Cocuy: 8 días 7 noches (disabled by natural parks until further notice)

How to dress in the mountains?
It is important to have a good guidance and the right clothes to go to the Sierra Nevada Cocuy. 
Good boots or high mountain trekking, layered clothing and waterproof clothing traspirables fibers. more information and great advice here>

Chronicle of a first climbing a big wall for us

A few years ago we climbed the east face of the peak Bells Grande. They were 300 meters of altitude, 2 days of adventure on the wall, a bivouac and the first ascent of the mountain on a single face. Learn more here

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