Indigenous Communities of Putumayo


A journey ... ancestral and ancient ...

In the Valley of Sibundoy there are ancient Indian tribes such as the INGA and Kamsa whom for centuries have retained their ancestral traditions of the Amazonian trapeze and the South American Andes. Several studies of leading anthropologists of the world are based on knowledge of these cultures.

This journey will be an encounter with Taitas of Putumayo, elders who will dialogue with us about their vision of the material and spiritual universe.


Day 1. Friday night.

15-hour road trip to The Valley of Sibundoy.

Day 2. Saturday.

Accommodation on Taita Crispin's house.

Morning of rest.

Meeting with the Taitas. Bonfire talks.

Day 3. Sunday

to LA LAGUNA DE LA COCHA and navigation to the Wildlife Sanctuary ISLA DE LA COROTA, located in the department of Nariño.

Afternoon of hot springs.

Visit Sibundoy and see the traditional artisans of wood and paint. Ancestral masks.

Day 4. Monday

Travel to Mocoa.

Visit the cascade El Indio and la Cueva.

Return to Bogota.

Day 5. Tuesday

Arrival to Bogota in the morning.

Price per person: $ 590,000 by land

* Note: Published rates from two travelers on. If one person travels alone rates vary:

Travel Dates:

Friday March 17 (evening) to March 19 (morning)

* We can arrange custom travel on different dates. Write to


Terrestrial ransportation

Local guide of the ancestral communities,


Visits and admissions to Laguna la Cocha, the Wildlife Sanctuary Island Corota Indian and cascades in Mocoa

House accommodation with live ancestral music

Travel insurance.

* Prices include tax
* Book at least 5 days in advance
* Deposit in Banco de Bogota. Savings Account # 08328202-0 by the name Colombia Oculta Ltda Send via mail ( 2405079 or fax the deposit slip with name, identity card number or passport # of the passengers and age.


Follow the recommendations of the guide, meet schedules itineraries, in this trip let go of your everyday life and be impregnated by the natural beauty of the place.

Walk quietly and bring:

-Clothes for old weather.

-Clothes for walking (long pants, long sleeve, tennis or hiking boots).

-Change of sleepwear

Personal-hygiene items


-Personal medication




-Flashlight and spare battery


-All stored in plastic bags

-Small towel

-Nothing camouflaged

-Hands-free backpack for hiking 35 Lt

-Sleeping bag