Ecolodge-La Aurora


   Safari in Colombia!!



“…And now it emerged before us;

without a notion of the precise moment, a flush vapor started to rise from the grasslands which undulated in the atmosphere like a light muse. The stars fell asleep, and in the offing of the opal, it appeared on the horizon the omen of a wild fire, like a violent brushstroke, a clot of ruby.…”




Hato la Aurora is located in Casanare, Colombia between the rivers Ariporo y Chire. It is near the municipalities of Paz de Ariporo and Hato Corozal at about 180km from the capital Yopal. The coordinates are N 06 01 58.9  and  W 71 22 35.1. Temperature ranges from 25 to 35°C.

To get to Hotel Juan Solito it takes about 4 1/2hrs by land from Yopal:

  • Take the marginal road to the jungle from Yopal until Paz de Ariporo.

  • Then take the road that goes to Montañas del Totumo

  • Take the exit to Vereda de San Luis del Ariporo

  • When you see Finca la Vigía, turn left.

Another way to get there is by river; embarking from Paz de Ariporo onto its river and navigating 3hrs downstream you can appreciate its fauna.

The hotel does not provide AC, nor hot water and it offers 4 hrs of electrical power during nighttime.


To better plan your activities, take into consideration that there are two seasons in Casanare: Rainy and Dry season. Due to the notable changes in its ecosystem during each season some activities and natural phenomenons will be affected in a favorable or unfavorable manner. Take into consideration that during the rainy season this trip will turn more adventurous and arduous due to the climatic conditions, specially for the access of the roads and the internal trails.

In order to comply with our suggested activities, we recommend a total stay of 4 days and 3 nights, minimum.


Day 1: Yopal-Hotel Juan Solito route 4 1/2hrs. This is a very scenic route and you will be able to enjoy the landscape and spot a number of diverse fauna along the way.

At the arrival of the hotel there will be a llanera style lunch awaiting. The rest of the afternoon there will be a boat tour where you can appreciate the local fauna and the sunset. At night there will be an introductory talk and a photo presentation of rare animals that have been spotted using trap cams like the puma and jaguar.

Day 2: After breakfast, the 1rst route will lead to El Hato la Aurora 1 1/2h away from the hotel. This is one of the finest attractions of the area since it is a true model of harmonious symbiosis between fauna, flora and a livestock farm.

This trip can be travelled in a 4x4 or by horse. Chigüiros, deers, coliblancos, alligators, wild horses, wild pigs, birds like Aruco, Garzones, Garzas, Alcaravanes, Mochuelos, Gereres, Ibis and other surprises can be spotted in this trip.

The elements of the llanero lifestyle will be tangible everyday of the stay; lacing and its many uses, the tapaojo, the botalón, the suelta, the estribos, etc, will be explain and shown.

During lunchtime there will be a variety of meats, cheese, rice, plantain, yuca, salads and other surprises. On the way back to the hotel you will be able to see the nocturnal fauna and the starry nights.

After dinner, there will be a traditional musical demonstration with the Arpa llanera, filled with the poetic folkloric lyrics and local legends will be told like the one o the Llorna, the Silbón and the Ball of Fire.

Day 3: There will be horse ride through Cari Babare in search of rodeos and getting involve in the work of the Faenas. This day you will live like another cowboy of the hacienda.

Another option is to do the local trails, either by foot or horse, to get to know more about plants and its uses, you will spot a great variety of birds and monkeys, you can also go fishing at the nearby rivers (Chire, Indio or Toro).

Day 4: Departing time depends on the urge of the travelers. There is time to have breakfast, pack the luggage or walk around the local trails.


The order of the activities can vary depending on the weather conditions, the size of the group, or people's choice.



* Wear light clothing and bring a light luggage. Don't bring jewelry.   

* Wear long-sleeved shirts and shirts.

* Wear hats or caps.

* Bring your personal medicines

* People must attend to the recommendations of the guides, and abide by internal rules so the wildlife ecosystems does not get disturbed and for the travelers own safety.

* If you want arrive in your own vehicle is recommended to be a 4X4, since it's an unpaved road and cross country trail.

* Bring sunscreen and insect repellent. Carry enough batteries for your cameras.   Bring binoculars.




Dates are open all season. Book with us with prior notice at





Types of Accommodation:

I. Accomodation in Beds

Hotel Juan Solito:   ecolodge with 7 bedrooms and private bathrooms. We have no hot water or air conditioning. 

1 person       $ 210,000 in a room

2 people       $ 180,000   per person in a room

3-5 people $ 160,000 per person in a room


The three meals, activities, walks near the eco-lodge and introduction with projected photographs of the local fauna.

II. Accommodation in hammocks

Per person             $ 120,000

Per child (15 years) $ 90,000 


The three meals, activities, walks near the eco-lodge and reserve movie.

III. Accommodation in camping 

Per person         $ 120,000

Per child  (15 years)  $ 90,000  


The three meals, activities, walks near the eco-lodge and reserve movie.

Additional Activities

- Fishing trip down the river. Including beverages and snacks: $ 120,000 per person.

- Adventures to the Night Safari Aurora : $ 120,000 per person. 

- Anaconda Searching. Scrolling riding, biking, or walking: $ 120,000 per person. 

- Fishing trip by the Chire River. Horseback riding or 4x4 displacement: $ 120,000 per person. 

- In Search of the Jaguar. Revision of trap cameras. This activity is done on horseback, by car or on foot. : $ 120,000 per person.

* Long walks with sleeping in different places of the starting have an aditional charge of $ 60,000 per person in the rate of that day and having the visitor native guide.

A half hour away from Yopal, farm Manantiales lends hosting service in hammocks and food as well. For more info contact us at or 311 2397809



* Express private transportation to Eco-lodge $ 380.000. Serves 4.

* Expreso Yopal to   La Chapa    $ 300,000  

* Expreso boat ride by river from La Chapa to the hotel $ 600,000. (Max occupancy 30 people).  

* Expreso from La Paz to hotel Juan Solito $ 300,000.

* Expreso from La Paz to La Chapa $ 150.000mil pesos.

* You can use public and regional transportation or an estimated cost of 140,000 pesos per person .




Contact us via or 311 2397809 and make your advance booking . Once done you must pay 50% of the approximate value of the invoice. This is not refundable in case of cancellation. The transaction is made through the savings account COLOMBIA OCULTA Ltda 08328202-0 in Banco de Bogota.


   1. Cancelation must be made 5 days before the date of departure and you will be refunded one third of the deposit.   Otherwise you will not be refunded.

  1. In case of no show, there will be no disbursements.