Mavecuri Hills


    Cerros de Mavecurí – the jungles of the Inírida

    (The Monkey, The Bird and Mavecurí)

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights

On the great jungles that surrounds Puerto Inírida, 3 tepuyes made of granite stand out in full splendor over the vast Colombian jungle. They are known as the Cerros de Mavecurí.

Sailing for over 6 hours up the Inírida riverbed we'll reach these hills and spend the night on the top of one of them. We will visit an indigenous community and later on sail down the river Atabapo.


Day 1: Bogotá. Arrive to the city of Inírida. Visit the Lake of the Witches. Go dolphin watching. Spend the night at Hotel Puerto Inírida.

Day 2: Puerto Inírida - Mavecurí Hills. Sailing voyage by river Inírida. Pink dolphins sighting in the river. Visit Indigenous villages. Hiking through the jungle near the villages. See the fllora and fauna of the Colombian Amazon. Arrival to the hills of Mavecurí. Overnight camp in tents on the Inírida riverbank.

Day 3: Visit Indigenous villages. Ascent to overview points of the Amazon rainforest. Short Ascent to the Bird Hill to install camp. Overnight in camp with spectacular views of the jungle and rivers.

Day 4: Navigation on the Inírida River until reaching Estrella Fluvial de Colombia, a spot where 3 rivers meet: Inírida, Atabapo and Orinoco. Return to Puerto Inírida. Overnight at Hotel Puerto Inírida.

Day 5: Morning at leisure. Flight to Bogotá.

Date scheduled trip from Bogotá: 18 to 22 July

Scheduled trips have promotional value: $ 890,000 (min 5 people)
air ticket (between $ 600,000 and $ 700,000)

1 pax $ 3'490, 000
2 pax $ 2'100, 000
3 pax $ 1'300, 000
4 pax $ 990,000
5 pax $ 890,000
6-9 pax $ 790,000
10-12 pax $ 690,000

* Note: These rates do not include airline tickets. Airline tix range from $600,000 to $700,000 depending on the reservation


-Transportation by river and land.

- 2 nights of hotel accommodation at Puerto Inírida. (Hammock with mosquito net)

Jungle adequate tents.

Professional Guidance Colombia-Oculta

-Local guides.

Permissions and fares

-Travel Insurance

Souvenir: Colombian handcrafted.

Not included:

-Food. (if required nutrition and hydration for the entire trip is an extra $ 300,000)


  1. Cancelation of trip must be made five days before the date of departure so a reimbursement of one- third of the reserve cost can be made. Otherwise you will not be refunded.
    2. In case of no show, there will be no disbursements.


Follow the recommendations of the guide, meet schedules itineraries, in the voyage forget everyday life and be impregnated by the natural beauty of the place, walk quietly and carry:

-Clothes for hinking in the jungle (long pants, long sleeve, tennis or hiking boots)

-Change of sleepwear

-Hammock with mosquito net.

Personal hygiene items


-Personal medication







-Flashlight and spare battery


-Plastic bags for protecting items from water and humidity

-Small towel

-Nothing camouflaged

-Vaccination against yellow fever.