Caño Cristales in 3 days, 2 nights 
from the Macarena airport


Day 1
Meeting at The Airport of La Macarena
Check in at the hotel
Registration and conference in National Parks.
Visit local Farm: "El Alcaraván". Cultural immersion. Lunch in the field. Horseback riding in the field. Activity: Sow a tree.
Accommodation Hotel (You choose the hotel).

Day 2
Boat tour by the Guayabero river. Birdwatching and wildlife of the Highlands.
Tour all day in Caño Cristales. (6 hours. The time allowed by Natural Parks)
Eco-Lunch by the river.
Return by 4x4 to the Guayabero river.
Displacement by boat to La Macarena.
Return to Hotel.

Day 3
Optional Activity: Kayak on the Guayabero River to see wildlife or visit Caño Cristalitos or Caño Piedra. (Different from day 1). (One hour of hiking).
Farewell at the airport in the Macarena


Reception at the airport
Professional guidance of Colombia permanent Hidden for every day.
2 nights hotel accommodation. (Tell us which hotel you want to stay. Remember we are subject to reservations)
Two river navigations by the way Guayabero river trip.
2 shifts in 4x4 round.
Request for permission in Natural Parks of Colombia
All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
CORMACARENA permissions and the Army.
Contribution to the village of La Cachivera of Caño Cristales.
Contribution to Conservation of Mother Nature Reserve Forest Colombia Oculta.
Activity kayak or visit Caño Cristalitos day 3
Health care policy.

Not included:
Tourist taxes of Municipality:
Foreigners: $ 39,062
(It is paid at the Macarena airport.Take this money ready)
Income and permits in National Natural Parks of Colombia and Cormacarena:
  Foreigners from the countries of the CAN $ 59,682
  Foreigners rest of the world $ 91,067
-Expenses Not specified.
-Rate Airport (U$ 5 per person)
Special cultural program and a special dinner: $30,000 cop (Additional payment in the macarena in cash. You decide there)
Air ticket from destination city (Cali, Medellín, Bogotá, Cartagena, Barranquilla) to the Macarena. Ask how much it costs.

Additional services:
Flight from Bogotá or Villavicencio to La Macarena. 
$30,000 cop per Night Air conditioner

Option 1
With a local speaking guide with very basic level
(There are only 6 speaking guide in La Macarena, so we depend on their availability)

Price per person:

$1,012,000 cop per person
(regular group tour)

Option 2
With Regional bilingual guidance. Guide displaced from Bogota 
(Air ticket, guide fees, terrestrial and aquatic transport in Bogotá and the Macarena, food and lodging guide)

$1,012,000 cop per person + Guide espenses

The total price por the guide expenses (fees, transport from Bogotá and in La Macarena, feeding, accommodation) is $1.700.000 COP for the three days (this price is for the whole group, not per person)

Flight Bogotá to La Macarena:

Flight rate between $550.000 cop and $796.000 cop per person
(round trip)

Air frequencies all days depending the city of origin

Flight Villavicencio - Macarena:

Flight rate on no holidays $528.000 cop per person

Flight rate on holidays $572.000 cop per person

There are air frequencies all days

* Minimum 5 days in advance Book.
* Contact us to start the process of Pre-booking: Send us: Names, passport numbers, emails and type of blood. 
* A look assigned to Pre-booking select the PAYMENT:
1. Include in the Banco de Bogotá. Savings Account # 08328202-0 Hides name of Colombia Ltda. Send via mail ( proof of entry.
2. Pay by credit card. We generate a payment link to send your email. This payment option increases 8%)
3. Reservations. Fill out the form and book immediately.
4. Pay us in our meeting at the airport of the Macarena.

3010213 or 311-2397809 -

NO SHOW - Cancellation Policies

1. To cancel the trip due 5 days before departure date 90% deposit will be refunded Reserve. Otherwise the money will not be refunded.
2. In case of no show the client the trip, no payment will be made.

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