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Tatacoa Desert


An encounter with the stars!

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

In the municipality of Villa Vieja (Huila) is located the Tatacoa Desert, which is not really a desert but a tropical dry forest. This majestic desertic zone ful of fossil deposits has a total area of 330 square kilometers. At night it is possible to make astronomical observations and observe clearly meteor showers.


DAY 1.
Lunch on the road.
8 hour trip to the Desert of Tatacoa.
ostal accommodation in "Los González"

DAY 2.
Tour to the Passage of the Snakes
Grey Area tour of the desert.
Swimming in natural pool.
Night at Gonzalez's

DAY 3.
Tour by the Red Zone.


Scheduled trip from Bogota: 8 to June 11
Promotional value for schedule trips: $ 590,000 (Minimum group of 5 people)


  • Land transportation: Bogota - Desert of Tatacoa - Bogotá

  • Professional Guides

  • Local guides. Friends of Sustainable Tourism.

  • Admissions and permissions

  • Lodgings at the Gonzalez's cabin in the Desert of Tatacoa.

  • Colasistencia Travel Policy.

  • Food: Breakfast day 2 and 3. Lunch days 1, 2 and 3. Day 1 and 2 dinners.

  • Hydration for hikes.

COSTS for customized trips:


1 pax


2 pax


3 pax


4 TO 6 pax


7 TO 13 pax


We will be hiking through the desert, therefore having a good physical condition is necessary and having good resistance to high temperatures (average 27 degrees Celsius) is a must. The difficulty is moderate and the tours last between 3 and 5 hours. Bring appropriate clothing for the desert (long sleeve shirt and pants waterproof fibers preferably fresh, hat, comfortable walking or tennis half boots), sunscreen for skin and lips, water bottle, camera and personal documents. Before the trip begins there will be a meeting with the team from Colombia Oculta.

Monetary deposit made at

savings account number: 083 274738, 

Banco de Bogotá to Ivan Dario Macias. 

Send PROOF or copy o deposit slip by mail or fax: 2405079.